Laura (teekoness) wrote in ffworld,

Tseng fic

Title: No Guiding Lights (temporary title?)

Status: One-shot, Complete

Characters: Tseng, Veld, Rufus

Rating: PG

Genre: Drama, Angst

Summary: Tseng is stuck doing a clean-up job of a different nature.

Author’s Note #1: For those who don’t know, Veld was the leader of the Turks prior to Tseng. It shouldn’t be too necessary to know anything more about him, to understand this fic. Hopefully. Possibly.

Author’s Note #2: Okay, I have to admit this was a nightmarish fic to write. Writing Veld for the first time was incredibly difficult especially considering the situation. Add to the fact that I can’t think up a title that I like. (Suggestions are welcome.) So here I am just closing my eyes and hitting the ‘post’ button.

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