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Final Fantasy World's Journal

31st December, 2011. 3:01 pm. Fic: Hogwarts, A Fantasy (crossover fic)(chocolate_oxide)

Title: Hogwarts, A Fantasy
Genre: General
Language: English
Rated: G
Current Chapter: 1

Link to fic here.

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5th July, 2011. 7:41 pm. Fic: "Moonshine" (Final Fantasy IV, Kain/Cecil, 1/1)(imadra_blue)

Title: "Moonshine"
Pairing: Kain/Cecil
Rating: PG
Summary: Kain had always thought he had nothing, but he was wrong.
Word Count: 820

Link to story:
In the sunlight, Cecil seemed pale and wan, but under the moonlight, he shone like a star.

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14th July, 2010. 1:44 am. Tseng fic(teekoness)

Title: No Guiding Lights (temporary title?)

Status: One-shot, Complete

Characters: Tseng, Veld, Rufus

Rating: PG

Genre: Drama, Angst

Summary: Tseng is stuck doing a clean-up job of a different nature.

Author’s Note #1: For those who don’t know, Veld was the leader of the Turks prior to Tseng. It shouldn’t be too necessary to know anything more about him, to understand this fic. Hopefully. Possibly.

Author’s Note #2: Okay, I have to admit this was a nightmarish fic to write. Writing Veld for the first time was incredibly difficult especially considering the situation. Add to the fact that I can’t think up a title that I like. (Suggestions are welcome.) So here I am just closing my eyes and hitting the ‘post’ button.


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30th June, 2010. 9:11 pm. Vincent Valentine - Not Adopted... Probably(teekoness)

Title: Not Adopted… Probably

Status: One-shot

Characters: Vincent Valentine, Grimoire Valentine (Vincent’s father)

Rating: G

Genre: Humour, Family

Summary: A young Vincent Valentine has doubts about his parentage.

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9th June, 2010. 9:59 pm. A Maid's Tale - Chapter 22(viennatealover)

A tale for Final Fantasy fans who love classical music, masquerade balls and opera.. in a Victorian setting!

Synopsis: Set in a Victorian version of FF8's world, this story retains the sci-fi side of the game. Characters and pairings are all the ones you have grown to know and love, just with a few unexpected twists. There will be a few cameos from other FF games, even some FF8 fanfics. Also hidden are nods to other famous works. So sit down, have a cup of tea and enjoy!

A Maid's TaleTitle: A Maid's Tale
Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Language: English
Rated: M
Current Chapter: 22

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6th June, 2010. 2:18 pm. Time and Tides - a Final Fantasy RPG(tntoverlords)

. . . back home, the skies were never this blue . . .

Twenty Worlds.
Two Planets.
One Fantasy.
The Ultimate Mastermind.

What do you do when worlds collide?

How do you move forward when time and space lose meaning?

How do you go home when all you've hoped for is gone?

In a world where dreams and nightmares come to life,
All that's left is...


Game Info

timeandtides is a laid-back, plot-heavy, Final Fantasy roleplay set in the world of FFIX. Characters from any Final Fantasy title are welcome, so come by and watch the newest story unfold!

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4th June, 2010. 1:14 pm. Fatalis Venatus: A Final Fantasy RPG set in the world of FFVIII(coyul)

Fatalis Venatus

As the Second Sorceress War slipped from all-consuming present into the recent past, the world is primarily in a state of balance and peace. However, the upheaval that the war caused is not gone from the minds of those that lived through it, and for most, 'normalcy' is about the most abnormal thing that they can fathom, causing each day to seem somewhat surreal. The governments of Galbadia and Esthar are in the process of beginning to try war criminals, some with names as infamous as Edea Kramer and Seifer Almasy, and Balamb is flourishing under its new Commander, war hero, Squall Leonhart.

Though things are indeed calm in comparison to the War, things are perhaps not as at ease as they seem on the surface. In Galbadia, rebels and protesters, dissatisfied with the ways of the government and with the policies enforced post-war, are rising up in acts of isolated terrorism. There is an air of civil unrest amongst the citizens in many of the bigger cities, and small crime and vandalism are on the rise. Esthar, having finally done away with its seclusion, has opened itself not only to the world, but to the worry that it will not be able to defend itself from outside forces, should trouble once again arise. In an effort to remedy this fear, The Estharian Government, lead primarily by President Laguna Loire, is entering negotiations with Balamb Garden to build, train, and equip a Garden of their own.

Fatalis Venatus is a role-play set in the post-game world of Final Fantasy VIII that focuses on the world and the characters as they recover and rebuild their lives in the wake of chaos. How easy is it to be complacent once your world has been turned upside down and righted again?

Come join Fatalis Venatus, a canon based Final Fantasy VIII roleplay looking for both canon (all games!) and original players!

Game officially opened 4/18. Apply now!


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1st June, 2010. 11:45 pm. All That Never Was - Part 6/6 - Rufus, Lazard(teekoness)

Title: All That Never Was -- COMPLETE
Characters: Rufus, Lazard
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, Family
Summary: In the wake of Midgar’s destruction, Rufus remembers a brother who was never truly his.
Chapter index:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Chapter Six - Final Chapter

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25th May, 2010. 9:59 pm. All That Never Was - Part 5/6 - Rufus, Lazard(teekoness)

Title: All That Never Was
Characters: Rufus, Lazard
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, Family
Summary: In the wake of Midgar’s destruction, Rufus remembers a brother who was never truly his.
Chapter index:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Chapter 5

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16th May, 2010. 2:51 pm.(nagashiwa)

Make 30 Final Fantasy icons in 30 days, (everyday 1 icon)

but it's a little bit different as the other 20in20 communities.
This time you can't show your icons befor the voting has ended.

READY, post over here

sign-ups will be closed on MAY 30 2010

+ I need 1 people who can me help out on days if I won't have time!~~
+ someone who want to offer a nice layout.

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